For Patients: HealthClinics.com is a healthcare resource for patients and healthcare providers. We provide a safe and reliable portal for patients to find health facilities in their area and book their appointment online from their computer or mobile device.

For Healthcare Providers: HealthClinics.com offers Patient Scheduling, Universal Patient Portal, OpenEMR Support & Hosting, e-Prescribing and Secure Messaging Services.  Our services are designed to meet the growing demand of technology for Health Clinics, Urgent Care and Private Practice. Our online patient scheduling process is one of the ways we make it easier for healthcare providers to spend more time on patient care.

Existing and new Patients can book their appointment with your facility through HealthClinics.com scheduling portal.  Along with our secure web based portal for healthcare providers, our scheduling software easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple's iCal. 

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